Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Todays Hot Picks: UncommonGoods

I stumbled upon this fantastic site called Uncommon Goods which had some amazing and adorable gift ideas! Check these out:

Jelly Fish Earrings 

 Baby Bird Earring Studs

Fortune Cookie Inspirational Message Necklace: 
"Never Settle for anything less than Butterflies"

"Set Yourself Free" HandCuff Earrings

My personal Favorite: Hidden Message Pendants
Artist Rachel Shoshana created these braille sterling silver bars with ever so slightly recessed dots spelling out a single word. At the bottom, a corresponding semi-precious stone adds even more meaning with its metaphysical properties. Handmade in Pennsylvania.

From left to right:
Create -Orange - Contains carnelian to help sharpen mental focus and to boost courage.
Dream -Iridescent Blue Grey- Contains labradorite to help you find spiritual destiny and help reveal your path to happiness.
Hope -Purple- Contains amethyst, to generate inner peace and to achieve positive transformation within.
Love -Translucent -Contains rose quartz, the unconditional love stone, that teaches the wearer to open their heart and to love fully.
Peace -Light Blue - Contains turquoise, which helps absorb negativity and generate inner peace.

These stones are believed by many to have metaphysical properties which may inspire and empower the wearer.

Check out UncommonGoods for more unique pieces! 

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