Thursday, March 1, 2012

Girlfriends Guide: The importance of a name

A friend of mine made a funny remark pertaining to my new beau the other night, "good luck tonight Mrs. SpitFire ;)"
And it dawned on me. The names I have given the men I have dated could have been fatal social decisions if I had actually stayed with some of them. Because lets face it, all of my best girl friend are reading this right now, and I know you all would have kept calling them these names after the fact. And myself in turn would have become Mrs... so-and-so
Some Examples: Mrs. BridgeBoy, Mrs.Veiny, Mrs.MargaritaMondays, Mrs.Masturbater. *bahahaha, oh my*

If you are going to nickname your dates, be careful. or at least be prepared to live with what you create.

How I picked names for my boys:
1. It has to be memorable. If it's not, you will get the boyz mixed up when making plans or texting them.  and it makes for  quick backup/cover-ups when your friends need to cover for you.

Example: I spent the night with guy #1, and he stayed the night. The next morning I had a Breakfast date planned with guy #2. I had to scramble to get guy #1 out of my house, and in passing of the roommates, instead of using their real names, we use the nicknames,
Roomie:"did the postman come by yet?"
Me: "I have a meeting with the Carpenter at 10"
And then the roomies dont drop the ball on the plan either! It also makes it easy for them to cover for me. I ended up eating 2 breakfasts that day. but I still pulled it off!

2. I always enjoyed picking out their most awkward attribute, and going with something along those lines. Those always made for the best names. Ex: Mr. Veiny - from his workout pics, Mr. England - from his british accent, ProLifeGeek - from his strong beliefs.

3. I'd take their profession or a place we met and use that for a name. Ex: the Postman, The Carpenter, BridgeBoy, NightLife.

Ultimately, it's supposed to be fun. If you are dating or single, chances are you meet lots of different people regularly, and there's just too many people to track and too many names to remember. Why bother learning 5 new names every day when you will only stop talking to 4 of them next week? and with the nick names, your friends are more inclined to want to hear your stories, because it's much more fun hearing about a date with "SpitFire" than just another John or Tom or Dan.
Life is a story, why not indulge a little?

 That being said, I don't think it's necessarily right to give people nasty names, but if they have done things to earn such names, *CoughMasturbaterCough* then it's fair game. Just keep in mind, they probably have nick names for you too.

and right now, for myself, I'm glad its Mrs. SpitFire, and not one of the others.

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