Sunday, November 27, 2011

what team do you play for?

I've been dating a few guys now since my split from the fiance. But as you've all come to read, most of them end tragically, in the friend zone.

Some of my best lezbo friends have analyzed my situation and told me its time to widen my horizons. They convinced me to go out with a pretty lady.

Lets be clear here. It's not about being bi or gay. it's about finding someone who makes you happy. and I'm open to anything, or anyone. If someone makes me happy, then it's worth it.
And It's not like I havent ever kissed a girl before. I would think that most of us have. Our generation is adventurous like that. Most of the people I know have kissed or slept with the same sex more than once and liked it.

So, I'm giving it a chance and going on a sexy date with a pretty girl.

stay tuned fur small deets. I'm probs gonna keep this one a little more P.G. rated than my usual guy rants.

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