Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I was bad... (30yr old Virgin)

I attempted to sleep with the 30 year old virgin.

how it came about:
we always have fun together. he pays for everything. He's super cute.
So I txt him one night, and was like "I kinda want to get into your pants. Come out dancing with me"

He made no hesitation to jump at the chance. we got together, partied that night, and then off to bed we went.

It was bad. He was a tight lipped kisser, no thrill at all. and he couldn't get hard. He blamed his nerves.

we didnt speak for 2 days.
Then he sent me a text apologizing "for the embarrassing case of stage fright"
He has only ever been with one other girl. I feel bad for him. but I'm sorry, I don't train puppies... I like my boys old and experienced.

I've put him in the friend zone permanently.

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