Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Love

I've found a man who thrills me.
He's worldly and educated. He speaks to me in foreign tongue and makes me feel excited. He's the perfect summer love. We rendezvous at the most random times of day. He just shows up at my door ready to whisk me away on another fun adventure. He's handsome, free, exciting, outgoing, crazy, funny. We get each other. it's nice.

but my new summer love has an expiry date. He's only here for a few more weeks, then he'll be gone forever. We've both agreed to just live for today and make the most of it. Perhaps thats what makes it more thrilling. knowing there's and end in sight. doing whatever we feel. no time for regrets. and in the end, it all just washes away with the tides of summer...

Why can't I find a guy like this who doesn't come with an expiry date? Isn't that just the way life goes.

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