Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Style: Wedding Chic

*My very best friends have all moved away for work or summer. and We're now like the Sex and the City Ladies who come from four corners to have lunch and stay connected. In our case, it was a wedding date.*

One of my Best friends and Sorority sister, got married this weekend. She married an amazing man. And I believe they have come so far together that nothing will stop them!

I spent the weekend with 2 other amazing Ladies in a condo. for 2.5 days We munched out together, did hair and make-up. and caught up on life stories. It was much needed girlfriend time.

Here's the Lovely Bride - in floating pearls and a white bouquet. She opted for no veil, and went with a white Fascinator instead. *LOVE*

I call my new dress Gaga Chic. It has high shoulders, and is a dazzling Navy Blue color. I scored this at Pseudio for $11.50. it was on super clearance. With My new "All Day Cherry" Long Lasting Lip Color from Maybelline; and a sting of pearls I found at Joe Fresh 50% off!

The morning after, I did my infamous side pony; with my little black dress, black tights; heels, and cropped jean jacket. It's a throw-on-and-go-but-still -look-amazing outfit. And I wore my new "Lasting Lilac" pale pink lip color by Maybelline

This weekend was amazing. I hope its not to long before I see these ladies again!

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  1. Aww thats for the compliments! it was an amazing weekend :) and we were so glad you shared it with us.