Sunday, May 29, 2011

Girlfriends. , Parties, and a Cougar

This past week has been a riot.
I've totally trashed my workout plan with excessive drinking; but I feel it was evened out by the excessive shenanigans in bed. :P

Fact, I haven't slept with anyone since February.
I spent most of my days and nights running away from men. Just the thought of it made me nervous and uncomfortable. Yes I've gone on a few dates, but never did more than kissing involved. I rather enjoy the game of cat and mouse, where the mouse always gets away. I'm that mouse. ....until now.

Update, "Alexander Petrovsky" and I are no longer attempting to be together. It was just too different for me; the 3 kids, and one of them being nearly old enough to date. and to be honest. I was petrified of seeing a penis with no balls. The idea of "being Fixed" as he called it, was discomforting to me beyond reason. (Correction + Fact - I know know, guys keep their balls when they get a vasectomy. lol )

New Fact, I may now be a cougar. I met a man who is 2 years younger than myself. if you know Me at all, you would know I'm more of a, marry rich and old, kind of girl. so this was definitely a new adventure. We were up all night and into the morning. Those young boys really know how to have fun.

Then, came the third night of partying with my girls. It turns out my only single party girl friends left here are Lesbians. This makes it very hard to meet available men... the men are usually gorgeous, and also gay. So the company is good, but the desired end is something to be less coveted.
A twist happened this weekend when my lovely Lezbino Ladys hooked me up with their very cute, single, doctor-to-be friend. He's going to med school and has a very sexy french accent. He's also just 21 years old.
Again, not usually the type to go for younger guys. so this was definitely a twist. but a very fun one at that. We spent all night lip-locked on the dance floor at the bar, then slipped off into the night together. He made love to me in French all night long. Sooo dreamy. Even tho i couldn't understand a word. for all I know he could have been calling me a dirty whore; but hell, it sounds good in French, so I didn't care.

I may have a new addiction to young men.
I have a close girlfriend who has always gone for the younger men, and told me they are the best in bed and great because they are mold-able. "Sleeping with younger guys is like sex-on-crack". I now believe this to be exceptionally true.


  1. You know that if a guy has a vasectomy, he gets to keep his balls, right?? lol

  2. oh dear. hahaha. no i did not. Thanks for correcting me! :D I had this creepy picture in my mind about what it might be like... :P