Friday, January 7, 2011

Spice up your love life

some of the girls at work often complain about less than romantic love relationships. They share their dreams of having a man who's romantic and spontaneous. Someone who sends flowers for no reason; or throws on a chick flick and opens a bottle of wine for a quiet night in.

Today I'm giving back to my fabulous man. Because he does all of these things, and I never have to complain. the only thing he doesn't do is put his dirty socks in the laundry. haha.

So I went out and picked up his favorite beer, and a bottle of red wine. I found us matching -his-and-hers- sandals that's imprint "She loves Me" & "He loves Me" into the sand as we walk on the beach - for our next trip down-south at the end of January! OMG Excited!

I got home early from work, and cleaned the house. Then wrapped his gifts, and put them around the house.
When he came home I took him on a "Treasure Hunt" around our house to 4 main spots. It was delightful, and he loved it.
Sometimes all a person needs is to be reminded that they are special.

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