Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life Update: I have the Flu, Ick!

Life seems to fly by when you take on a new challenge.

I spend most of my free time now studying the WFTDA Rule Book to be the best Co Captain I can for my Derby Team.

Our individual derby names are being handed out this week. Some of the girls on my team have received confirmation of their names, I'm still waiting eagerly to hear about mine! It's either going to be Linsanity Lohan, or Princess Pain. I hope I hear soon!

My second note if great interest : I'm Going on Vacation to Punta Cana Dominican Republic in T minus 8 Days!!!! EeeeeK! it's an all inclusive 7 day resort and spa trip. So, I'f I'm M.I.A, you'll know why. :)

I bought some new books to read by the water. And Big D. bought me a new Water proof Digital Camera! How sweet is he!?! I can't wait to go snorkeling!!! I hope I catch a Turtle with my new Camera!

And I've been working real hard on my fitness for this trip! I've lost 9 pounds since Jan 3rd. and definately toning up from derby practice.

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