Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Young Again

Today my two new girlfriends took me sliding with their 4 kids aged 2 to 7.
I can't remember the last time I felt so ridiculously happy.

My friend who is 28 and I, 25, had a race down the hill. She went faster but I went further. haha. Her little girl screamed with joy as she announced who was faster and farther.

I went down the hill with my friend. then with her little girl. it was so much fun!

When's the last time you played in the snow?

Today I am especially thankful for these friends, and moments like this, because today was a sad day.

Late last night I found out that a friend has passed away. He died in a car crash on December 27th 2010. I can't make it home for his wake today or his funeral tomorrow. But my thoughts and payers are with him and his family. I hope they can get threw this sad time, and get back to the happiness that life and friends bring to us.

A very wise Lady said to me once, "You will get through this!"

Good-Bye my friend. You are loved and missed so much. more than you could ever know.

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