Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanks for trying to ruin my Christmas you Basterds!

We are plagued by living too close to Student housing. They run drunk through the streets at all ours of the night. They break bottles on our side walks. Last year, someone threw an icy snowball at my front window and broke it.

Well, this year it seems the goal is to steal my blow-up yard decorations.
We woke up to find the cords and Noah's Ark tracked across the front lawn. They tried to take it! :(

Thankfully, Big D had hammered them down into the ground with stakes, so the perpetrators must have become discouraged when they could only get 2 of the 3 stakes out of the ground and left it.
I am so upset. People have no respect. It's fucking Christmas! Dont steal my shit because you are a douche-bag!

My Guard Dog will Get you next time! See him? The little fluffy white guy in the pic. He can be real mean. don't test him!

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