Sunday, December 12, 2010

How We Made Our Millions

Well, not yet... but in the future this will be a great tale of how we made our millions!

My Sister-in-law came up with this business venture idea:

Ostrich Farming

Seriously. that's it!

All we have to do is buy the first boy and 2 girls, and then breed them. Et Voila! Millions in a few years.

It's apparently a hot industry right now that is in deep demand for growth. Ostriches are used for leather, meat, feathers and eggs. and they need More! So we will give them more!

I'm really a natural with ostriches. My history as a young child riding ostriches in Africa will surly be our advantage point. True story. I walked on their eggs, and ran after their babies. (I was five okay!)

We will surly be millionaires on this fool proof plan. and you'll all be wanting to ride my ostriches!

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  1. LOL I remember this convo on our Christmas dinner :D Absolutely hilarious!!I trust your business sense guys I hope we won't end up like a hobos :)