Monday, November 8, 2010

Try Something New: Lipo Laser

The other day I called and made an appointment to go talk to a specialist about liposuction. I had found an add for this new spa in town specialising in a new treatement. I made the appointment, and took Big D with me. He's my rock. Big D and I have talked this over many times, and He fully suppports my wishes to obtain meical treatment for my wieght issues.
The spa specialises in a non-sergical treatment that tightens the skin and reduces roughly 2-3 inches over the scheduled period of treatment - Accent non surgical liposuction & skin tightening. So, it's not actually Liposuction. They don't cut you open or suck anything out. They use lasers to target fat cells and warm your cells to temperatures above the average body temperature, which induces the cells to purge waste and all materials inside of them, which flushes out your body quickly. It also produces more collegen which gives the skin a tightening treatement.

This is a very brief and rough discription, so please, if you are looking for something like this, make an appointment with a professional, as I can only give you my expierience on this.

After the consultation, I felt good about this treatment. I'm making plans to go in the spring, so the results will be fresh and last well past my wedding day. The consultant I met with was amazingly kind, and helped me make some good decisions about the treatment that is right for me. For now, I'm working on eating healthy, and looking forward to that end goal.

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