Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Day, Another Glass of Wine

Today was my first real day of being unemployed. Because my current job doesn't count as real work; and I'm actively job searching as we speak. Well... almost.

My goal is, apply to one job app per day, and hope something pans out.
Other than that, Big D. and I have 2 fresh batches of wine bottled last night! One Riesling and one Sweet Pear flavored wine. I now fully understand why the unemployed and homeless drink. If you got the moola, make it good to the last drop!

So I clean, and drink wine all day. it's quite the wonderful house-wife life.

And tomorrow, I'm going in for a lipo consultation! I have issues around the mid-riff; and soon they will all disappear! But I will tell you more about that under a "Try New Things" blog post later.

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