Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wedding Bliss: His Tux

Today Big D. and I went in search of grooms men attire and a tux for the Hubby-to-Be.
We are paying for the grooms men and usher attire for the wedding, and all we need right now is to pick out the look, and get everyone sized.

Moore's was all but a little helpful. They had very little to choose from, and the sales girl didn't really have any good suggesions. Big D. got flustered and walked out, I trailed behind him, a little stunned at his tantum ... Don't F*** with Groomzilla!

So we moved on to a sure thing: PeterRoberts for Men
This is Big D's favorite store. We've been in a few times this summer, waiting for new tux stock to come in; and today we found the perfect tux! Big D. tried on a couple different styles, the usual italian brands that flatter his tall lean figure. The last tux he tried on was a Hugo Boss. He beamed as he stood in that three way mirror. I felt a smile creep across my face; and I thought to myself proudly: "That's my Husband-to-Be! He's So Handsome!"

It's a fashion forward piece for 2010-2011, a non-typical choice of most men, which naturally is perect for Big D. He loves being original and flashy. He'll be wearing a skinny tie and crisp white shirt with it. I'm hoping to buy him some blinged-out cuff links to go with it as a christmas present. And He is looking forward to buying some new fancy shoes as well.

The best part of this stop - our fabulous sales man gave us a catalogue with suites for the grooms men to compliment his tux. So they will all have the same structure and look, but Big D. will still be the center of attention. Next to Me of course!

I'm very happy and relieved to have his tux ordered and paid for. *his whole outfit is going to cost a much as my dress!* Now, we just need to get those groomsmen sized!

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