Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Try Something New: Coffee

I walk past Trinitea's Cup most mornings on the way to work. I've never stopped, but hear lots of good things about it. Yesterday, as I walked down the hill, I decided I was going to get my morning coffee there!

It is a small, cozy place. The workers are very friendly. and the coffee wasn't that bad. They supply the "Java Moose" coffee that is always adverised on the radio. Which I had also never tried before.

The are listed as a "Christian Cafe", I'm not sure how relative that is, as I did not notice anything overly christianized and no one pushed any religious views my way while I was there. I think would go again sinc it's on my way to work. but it wan't Wow or anything.

I Definately suggest trying the Java Moose!

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