Monday, July 12, 2010

Prude & Prouud

It's time to start a movement!

I'm tired of women having to go out and flaunt it all to get respect and notification. I'm tired of people swaering and cussing at the top of their lungs. I'm tired of reading swear words and seeing dirty pictures on adevrtisement sites. I'm standing up for my Prudish Rights!

I have the right to be myself and get offended when someone pulls out a dildo. I have the right to cringe when a man pumps his pelvis in my diirrection. I have the right to clean airways with no cuss words!

Here's your chance to post a prudish thing you've done that has made you feel like a fabulous woman! "Prude &b Proud" is made for showcasing what all of us women value and deserve to show off as fabulous CLASSY women! We don't need to swear, flash, or hate on others to prove our feminist fabulous nature!


Today, I was Prude and Proud when I chose to wear a fabulous one piece bathing suite instead of a bikini; beacause it keeps my sexy-fem-bot a mysterious secret from the public!

Today I was Prude and Proud because I choose not to do 'those' hard drungs. Been there, done that. There's nothing wrong with who we were then; it's about loving who we are now!

What makes YOU Proude & Prude???

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