Thursday, July 15, 2010

Almost, Single & Fabulous

Dear Mr. Coke Guy, Thank You for buying my ladies and I shots. We thought you might have been a creepy 64 ...Waite 46 year old. but we wrong wrong. you are very nice. I like older men. my fiance is 5 years older than me as a matter of fact!

Dear new girl,
is your name Tanya or Tara? I can't remember. those boys were cute. but I'm engaged, your dating, and Steph is not interested in army men! maybe if they could pull off more than just matching striped shirts, we wouldn't be blind sided by line frenzy and they'd have more luck! Mr. Coke Guy!

Dear HR Class. I have drank entirely too much this week. I apologise for my inhumanities of tiered thinking while speaking in class. but you all laughed, so i guess It couldn't have been too bad. P.S. Dear Gary, Sorry I pick on you, but you're a man, and you make it entirely too easy.

Tonight reminded me of the time I stole my lady's "dance partner" from the Hiltop dance floor. The next morning I woke up...I ended up in Oromocto, and he asked me if I would be open to a threesome with his wife/baby mama.... EEEWWWW!!!

You live, you learn! And I wouldn't trade these moments for anything in the world!

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