Monday, May 3, 2010

Need Ideas! New Things to Learn

My class is doing a Training and Development. We each have to come up with a topic/idea and create a lesson plan. Then we have to teach the class. My topic is due tomorrow.... I'm still unsure what I want to do.

My personal criteria for picking a topic is: It has to be fun. It has to be interesting. It should be as relevant as possible to people in my class. It has to be NEW, or original, as I want to learn something from it as well.

So here are some of my final topic options:
  • Making fake UFO photo's (The "Fourth Kind" movie. super creepy!)
  • Make a birdhouse (did it before, but think it would be fun to try again)
  • Identify if a Louis Vuitton bag is authentic. (cuz I Love Bags!)
  • Use home tooth whitening kits
  • Presentation on Jelly fish (Watched "7 Pounds" with Will Smith; very good movie)
  • How To Make Time capsules
  • Strange new years resolutions
  • Five ways to disturb your competitors in a sand castle competition. (this is just funny!)


  1. uh oh too late! (i like the louis one...cuz i wouldn't know)

  2. i picked the ufo topic. its actually coming along great! my instructor is excited for my presentation.

  3. oh yes, if you google how to identify a fake louis vuitton, lots of info comes up! i learned some great tricks!