Friday, May 7, 2010


The Antique road show is in Woodstock this saturday from 10am to 3pm! I Want to Go!!!

I could take some of my grandmothers teas sets and dolls and have them appraised!

This would be an exciting new event that I've never done. I just need to figure otut how to get there, as it is about an hour away, and I dont know my way around Woodstock, so I may need a guide...

i love a good saturday market as well. But I've once again maxed out my weekly shopping allowence. I found an amazing store where I bought a cute new dress, and lots of little adorable soaps shaped like purses.

Cheers To the Weekend!


  1. ok i LOVE the antiques road show. i know its kind of embarrassing but i watched it all the time when i was little.i dont know my way around woodstock but i have a gps!!

  2. i fucking love the antiques roadshow...the British version! channel 12 baby PBS