Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Doggy Designer Heaven

Another day another dollar, spent on my fabulous little Chi-baby.

While wandering the local department store for pet food, I stumbled upon puppy dog designer heaven! An assortment of faux designer look-a-like doggy blankets and toys. They had Jimmy Chew-Me shoes with a Zebra Blanky; Tiffany & Co. blue gift box and blue blanket, and Then they had the Chew-Me Vuitton brown purse and matching Blanky!!!!

My little Chi-baby already has the luxury of a personal Chewy Vuitton Pillow from a local boutique that carries doggy desired items. This find just completes his perfect little world!
And Yes, he's very proud to have a new Murse (*man-purse) to complete his metro-pooch look.

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